Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each postcard cost?

Each postcard costs $1.00.  This includes printing, postage and a donation to the beneficiaries.

How much money is going to the beneficiaries?

We are estimating that roughly half of the $1 will go to the beneficiaries.  The rest goes towards printing, postage and those pesky credit card fees. All additional donations made through the site beyond the $1 for the postcard will go to the beneficiaries (minus credit card processing fees).

Who are the beneficiaries?

The proceeds will be split evenly between Food Bank of the Rockies, American Nurses Foundation, Denver Small Business Relief Fund, Help Colorado Now and Robbie’s Hope.  We may add additional beneficiaries in the future.

When will the funds be donated to the beneficiaries?

We will donate the funds once a month.

How much money do you plan to raise?

It depends on how many postcards orders and donations we receive. We would of course love to raise as much money as possible for these worthy organizations and there is no cap to the number of orders we will accept. But our initial goal is to donate $50,000.

Is this a real, printed postcard or an electronic postcard?

Yes, it’s a real, genuine, old-school printed postcard that will be sent to the recipient through the United States Postal Service. There it not an electronic version of the postcard.

Who can I send the postcards to?

You can send a postcard to anyone you like. Send one or more to yourself, a family member, friend, or anyone else. It’s completely up to you.

What do I do if I don’t know the recipients mailing address?

Sorry, we don’t have a way to look up recipient addresses.  We encourage you to email or call your recipient to get the physical USPS address.

Can I mail postcards anywhere in the world?

We are only mailing to US addresses.

When will the postcards mail?

That’s part of the surprise. The postcards will not mail right away.  In several months, we will print them and mail them to the recipients. Our intention is to wait to make the message more meaningful.

How many postcard designs are there to choose from?

To start, there are 36 designs to choose from.

What if I want to change what I wrote on the postcard later?

Once the postcard has been saved and paid for, you cannot edit your postcard. If it’s critical that a change is made, please send an email to and we will do our best to make the update.

Can I upload my own photo for a postcard?

At this time, you can only pick from the provided postcard designs. You cannot upload your own photo.

Who designed the postcards?

Many of the photographs were generously donated by Colorado photographers John Johnston, Allen Kennedy and Armando Martinez. Melyssa Mead donated two of her crafty designs. The rest of the postcards were designed by Cultivator’s team of talented designers.

Who created this website?

The site was created by Cultivator Advertising & Design in Denver.

Why was this website created?

Our team wanted to find a way to give back during this difficult time. And we wanted a way to help ourselves and others remember what we were thinking, feeling and doing, before we start to forget. We thought using a digital platform to create a physical, tangible memory was an interesting approach to remind people what matters.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please send any questions or comments to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.